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The Baldera ®  "Tour Chorus" pedal has been inspired and based on improved circuits modifications of the Classic chorus pedals most used by guitarists. In absolutely today we have a variety of electronics Op-amps for get much better stability and less noise for design the famous old "low frequency oscillator" LFO used for FX purposes. In this case we combine the best of the all generation for obtain a new recipe for our Chorus. 

This design is 100% analog and high fidelity organic sound. The recipe for the sound response and the device durability is the most important think for us.  

The 2 knobs controls are:  Depth and Rate.

You can fix and get very musical and sweet nice chorus effect. In the other hand, the depth and speed settings can be fixed to obtain the sound very close to Leslie feel. "You can combine with a little touch of delay FX together". 

MSRP US$ 285

 - High end quality by handmade pedals.
 - High Quality PCB and selected Electronic component.
 - True Bypass Switch.
 - Only powered with AC adaptor for +9Vdc. (Regulated)
 - For better performance we recommend PS Voodoo Lab / Volto.

Tech Specs:
  - Dimensions (W/D/H): 4.8” x 2.61” x 1.4” (121mm x 66mm x 36mm)
  - Weight: 0.81 lbs. (367g)
  - AC Adapter (only): +9Vdc Negative Tip (2.1 mm Jack standard).
  - Consumption: 10.2 mA.
  - Input Impedance: 410 KOhms.
  - Output Impedance: 2.1 KOhms.
  - Maximum Allowable Input:  0dBm (110 Hz)  and  -10dBm (1kHz)
  - Signal to Noise:  92 dB.