For the warranty period we cover the cost as the next instructions:

First Year: Full cover + pedal return shipping cost too.
Next 2 Years: Full cover. (Shipping & Handling we don’t cover) 

For local repair services, return shipping is free of charge. For International repairs we charge US$ 42 for return shipping (FedEx). Please see the address in the United States ( US ), where you can send to us your pedal for the service:

Miguel Baldera
7339 NW 54St. RD#38034
Miami, FL 33195 USA.
Contact in Santo Domingo (Office):

Edificio Ana Karina #29, Los Próceres, Arroyo Hondo, Santo Domingo R.D.
Phone: +1 (809) 609-3828.
Mon-Fri: 10am to 3:30pm (AST) (voicemail in off time).
Sat: 10am to 4pm. (AST)

Non-Warranty Repair:

After the warranty is expired the pedal can be repaired or restored by us. Also if we have some recent modification to the model purchased, we could offer it, you can also contact to us at: / In our historical record of manufacturing pedals and technical services (from 2009 to actual), were replaced only some mechanical parts: True bypass switch, potentiometers and knobs (normally in all kinds of pedals), but in our Baldera Pedals® is easy to replace any parts by qualified technicians (please ask to us first).

We maintain the construction, assembly and wiring pedals with the traditional handmade standards for easier repair possibility and facilitating the future modifications or customization in the market. “We don’t use components in Surface-Mount Technology (SMT)”.
For local repair services, return shipping is free of charge. For International repairs we charge USD$42 for return shipping (FedEx). .

Baldera Pedals®  WARRANTY TERMS

Our pedals are designed, manufactured and tested for a long service life time as well as the operation according to the technical specification. We cover any manufacturing defect or malfunction of mechanical problem and / or electronically detected in the first 3 years (fully transferable) from the date of the original purchase of the device in any Store around the World. Please, register the product as soon as possible after their purchase by send the notification to: (Please, specify if the pedal is “New” or if you buy the pedal in “Used Conditions”)

The pedals warranty is not applicable if the pedal is open in a circuit part and detects any modifications. The warranty does not apply to cases where the pedal has a physical injury or abuse. Please, see all instructions inside in the box. © 2016 All right reserved.