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   Tech Specs:
  - Dimensions (W/D/H): 4.8” x 2.61” x 1.4” (121mm x 66mm x 36mm)
  - Weight: 0.77 lbs. (349g)
  - Battery Type: 9VDC x 1.

  - AC Adapter: 9VDC Negative Tip (2.1 mm Jack standard).
  - Consumption: 4.2 mA.
  - Input Impedance: 330 Ohms.
  - Output Impedance: 10 KOhms.


The Baldera® Blues Booster pedal is based on the simple and classic electronic circuitry combination for boost and handling the clip control from the signal of the guitar instrument with our recipe for tone control.

The BB Booster offer wide variety of sound, the switch makes change in normal or fat tone. The 3 control knobs are: Gain, Output Level and Tone.

It’s capable of boost the signal up to 20dB. Exclusive dynamic characteristics and rich tonal response in wide range of frequency. Very musical preamp and exclusive clean sound.

The Booster bring to the guitar player a Smooth Overdriven sound with nice presence, ideal for Blues, Jazz, Fusion and more. The pedal pre-amp is very versatile and you can use before any other overdrive as a preamp and combine your gain and tone.

MSRP US$ 220

  - High end quality by handmade pedals.
  - High Quality PCB and selected Electronic component.
  - True Bypass Switch.
  - Can be used AC adaptor or 9V battery (optional).

    -For better performance we recommend PS Voodoo Lab / Volto.

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